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[Home Depot] How long will "lower price" last on patio furniture

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  • Jun 17th, 2014 10:09 am
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[Home Depot] How long will "lower price" last on patio furniture

I'm wanting a specific patio chair and ottoman from HD. Been watching the price and local inventory. The ottoman has a "lower price" now I noticed on Sunday. Does anyone know if these "lower price" items are only week long specials (it is not in the flyer) ? Or do you think it will remain at this lower price (or less) until they're sold out now?
i.e. Do I need to snap one up this week ? I'd prefer to buy both on sale at the same time as the combined total (with a throw pillow or other small accessory will allow us to take advantage of the 6 months no interest.

It's only 15% at this point (25% when I apply $10 coupon). I know it will go cheaper as the season wears on, but I don't want to chance missing it! Tough balance judging how long to wait.

So yeah, once it's stickered "lower price", does it ever revert back to starting price ???
[IMG] ... -price.gif[/IMG]

BTW, signing up for the "moving" emails gets you a $10 off $50 coupon :)
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My experience has been it stays at that price and will lower if sales don't pick up as intended.
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The patio furniture "high season" is early spring. By now, retailers assume most people have bought what the want for their backyard for the summer (even though it is officially not even summer yet). If I were you, I'd wait it out. You risk them selling out of the item you want of course, but I would wager its highly unlikely that the price will go anywhere but down. The next month or so is when everyone should buy patio furniture. You can save a bundle as big box retailers want it gone. Pretty soon you'll see snowblowers where the deck lounge chairs were. Oh my.