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Milwaukee 1/4 stubby $97 3/8 $140 (YMMV)

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Nov 23, 2007
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[Home Depot] Milwaukee 1/4 stubby $97 3/8 $140 (YMMV)

Disclaimer: First time posting - Don't hate. It's a warm deal if you need it.

Noticed Home Depot currently has a sale for a free 3.0 battery with purchase of both the Milwaukee 1/4 stubby impact and Milwaukee 3/8 Stubby impact (valued at 90$- comes up as 56 on the receipt). You can buy the tool and return the battery making the 3/8 impact approx 140+tax. The 1/4 was marked down in store at 153 for me. Returning the battery brought it down to 97$+tax. Given the stock track website listing low stock odds are other stores are marking down the 1/4 as well. Yes they've been on sale before sometimes location specific. Also, I don't have a time machine.

3/8 Stubby

1/4 stubby