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[Home Depot] Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL High Torque ½ inch Impact Wrench with Friction Ring (GEN2) - $264

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Jun 9, 2011
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Bansal wrote: Sadly no, just the Fuel ratchets. They've got the new stubbies, they're actually a little cheaper than the ratchets. KMS is $195 for the 1/4 Stubby, and $205 for the 3/8 & 1/2". BC Fasteners is $179/189/189. KMS is happy to match that, but I'm not in need enough just yet to buy at that price. I'll likely wait for some sort of battery deal, or cheaper price. I've got the current 3/8 M18 Fuel impact, and that's working well enough for me for now. Definitely some spots the new stubby would be beneficial, but I've spent too much to buy at their regular "sale" price so far. Money will go to the ratchets this month instead, and maybe that 3/4" impact... $370 @ KMS, $360 @ Summit Tools.

That said, hopefully it'll show up here if there's a deal on the new stubbies, too. I'll grab a couple if the price is right 🤦🏽‍♂️.
does local HD have these stubby ones yet? I'm lookin' to get a stubby M12 Fuel 3/8 drive. cheapest i found is at IHL, and my local HD can price match them!