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[Home Depot] Pelonis 1500 watt Oil-Filled Radiant Heater 59.98

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  • Oct 14th, 2017 12:31 pm
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Feb 8, 2015
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bel4_20 wrote: How safe are these heaters? My daughter's bedroom is colder than all the other rooms my main concern is how safe these thing are?
These oil heaters are supposed to be kept at least 2' from combustible surfaces/ materials as per instructions. They do get very hot so around kids may not be a good idea. As far as efficient heating we would run the ceiling fan to help distribute the heat down to where it was needed. Understand for ourselves it was just a temp fix...got us by for 15 yrs until ready for a more permanent solution.
You may want to look at the possible issues of a cold room- insulation? heat distribution? Have worked on many homes in which the room above garage was almost always cold- sprayfoam and adjusting heat distribution was usually the fix.
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Feb 9, 2003
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These are best for bedrooms, especially supplemental overnight heating. They are safe, silent, and they provide stable temperature. The only noise they make is a bit of ticking sound as the case starts to expand with the heat. They are hot to the touch but no more so than an oven door.... they won't burn you instantly but they might if you left your hand on there.

The downsides are that they are slow to start heating, they don't circulate warm air, and they take up more space.

At maximum heat, these will use 10c per hour in electricity at 6.5c/kwh, plus the delivery charges. But for the most part, they won't be going full power continuously, unless you're heating a large area.