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[Home Depot] RYOBI 20" 40V Li-Ion Lawn Mower w/ 5Ah Battery & Charger - $298

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  • Sep 8th, 2019 8:25 pm
Apr 21, 2012
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Alittle late to the game but I thought I'd chime in with a bit more insight into what a brushless vs brush motor is. The brush motor is a DC motor with a physical brush that drags along a flat plate. The motor current is flowing through the brush. The brush will slowly wear out over time and is usually the firat thing that fails. The brushless motor uses a permanent magnet on the rotating part. Three sets of windings are energized in a sequence that creates an electric field that will push the permanent magnets. It requires more complex circuitry to control and drive the motor but the only physical thing that rotates and can wear out due to friction is a single bearing which will last magnitudes longer then a brush scrapping along a piece of metal. Typically the circuitry that drives the motor will probably eventually fail first but it could easily last generations if designed right.

I just cancelled my kobalt order b3cause it's not a brushless motor. I bought the snowblower on clearance as well as the lawn mower kit.

As for the batteries, typically you can use a lithium ion battery 300 to 500 cycles before the capacity drops to 80 percent of what it is brand new. This means if you used a battery once every week (lawn in summer, snow plow in winter) it would take almost 6-10 years to reach the 80 percent capacity mark.
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Feb 20, 2015
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Southern Ontario
Bishop8 wrote: It's definitely harder on tall and/or wet grass, but I have about the same size lot and I get front/back done with 2 batteries (wth energy to spare).

Have you increased your cutting height? I typically cut at 3-4 but if I let it go too long it'll choke up on 3. You might have to cut it progressively down. It'll also help with the mulching, if that's what you do.
A gas mower will choke on tall grass as well. Unsure what the torque levels are vs Gasoline mowers but if they are close, the electric might be a good choice. If a deal doesn't come with extra batteries, I think I'll pass. That's the biggest issue with electric anything, is the battery technology, duration/lifetime and run time.

I can do 2 full cuts on 2 liters of gasoline, I wonder if anyone has figured out how much the electricity costs charging the batteries, in Ontario. I realize the pollution thing but I can't keep buying $200 batteries and think it's feasible.
Mar 16, 2018
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Kudos OP just got 1 today, local home depot showing 22 in stock online once i reached there, there were only 2 left
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Mar 12, 2010
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SW Ontario
holden wrote: How does this compare to the Greenworks 80V (Your text to link here...)?
The 80v is probably more powerful. Not sure on battery life.

I opted for the ryobi though for price (even though I got a trimmer too), and I’m concerned about the availability of batteries in years to come. I feel ryobi ones will be easier and cheaper to get, as even right now it’s hard to find the 80v Greenworks ones.
Oct 6, 2010
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I kept going back and forth between this or an Ego. But the price difference was much too big for me to forgo this one. Picked this one up today.

I am coming from a gas mower, which isn't very old, but has had some problems that I had to get it repaired at least once a year. It's quite heavy too so it was a pain to get it into the car. Hopefully this works out well! Thanks op!
Jun 6, 2011
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Victoria, BC
I picked mine up yesterday and used it for the first time today, here are some notes on my experience with it so far:
  • Assembly was super simple, no surprises
  • The battery came with little charge in it as expected, and charged up pretty quickly (didn't time it)
  • It was easy to use for cutting the lawn, it's light-weight and easy to maneuver compared to a gas mower, and when I was finished I felt like I didn't even done any work
  • The electric motor was quiet and powerful, it reminded me of a large drill stuck onto a chassis, and I didn't need to use ear muffs like I usually would for cutting the lawn
  • With wide wheels combined with being light-weight it didn't sink into the stone walkway as the gas mower did, which prevented it from kicking up/trying to cut stones
  • I was bagging and when I was done my clothes had no grass on them as I usually did with my gas mower that only had mulch as an option
  • The front to back wheel base was a lot longer than my gas mower was so it seemed to not cut as closely on uneven sections
  • The height adjustment was simple and easy, having only 1 adjustment instead of 4 was a nice bonus, and the adjustment range is from 1-1/2" to 4"
  • The retaining clip for the extension handle popped off on me while I was cutting and didn't seem to want to stay in, I may have to put a piece of Gorilla Tape on it just in case.
  • After cutting our postage stamp-sized lawn it was at 3 bars of battery, so I will probably be looking at 2-3 cuts per charge on the battery.

In summary: It works as well as I had hoped and I'm happy with it.
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Aug 19, 2011
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West Coast
I know there are a lot of variables that will impact this, but what ballpark square footage are people getting on one battery? I assume you don't mulch, you bag?

Just looking at options as my gas mower is wearing down.

Thanks in advance
Please don't ask or beg for "thanks". Don't act like this is Facebook. If someone found your post helpful, let them decide if they want to make that click. The more you beg, the less you'll get. Cheers
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Nov 23, 2010
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Curious about charge time experience from those that have purchased this?

I know it says up to two hours, which puts me off a little bit
Apr 14, 2019
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I purchased this mower on Friday afternoon. About 15 lazy minutes to unpack and have it all together. Battery is shipped with very little charge. I left it to charge for 3 hours. First mow on Saturday. Lawn is about 5,000 sq ft. I was moving at a low pace and bagging since it was the first cut of the season. I found that mower is light and easy to maneuver, especially when the bag was empty. It did become a bit more difficult to push when the bag was near full. It will be very easy to push and maneuver without a bag when mulching. Battery lasted long enough to get it all done. I checked at the end and it was at 1 bar (0-25% charge). In time I will buy a trimmer with battery and should be all set.

There is no getting around that the unit is plastic and doesn't feel solid like a steel gas mower. I've never used an EGO but in the store it looked to be a higher quality build, which is reflected in the cost. I certainly enjoyed the non-gas experience. No gas fumes and much less noise.
Sep 26, 2015
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Is there a reason why this Ryobi is better than the Kobalt below, which comes with a trimmer? Both are 40v, difference being 16" vs 20" cutting deck? Anything im missing?

Kobalt mower
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May 5, 2007
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nagooro wrote: Is there a reason why this Ryobi is better than the Kobalt below, which comes with a trimmer? Both are 40v, difference being 16" vs 20" cutting deck? Anything im missing?

Kobalt mower
Previous posts say if you don't need the trimmer then get the Ryobi...that's what I did. I actually bought the mower only a couple weeks ago and returned it.
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Dec 21, 2007
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I'll be using this in conjunction with a reel mower (Fiskars), which I like but the reel mower doesn't mulch leaves (I get a lot), it won't cut long weeds and the grass tends to lay down. Though the lawn is thin so its a bit like a comb-over.

Anyway, the thing about using a reel mower for the last 5 years is it gets you out of that need to mow the whole lawn in one go, I just do pieces here and there as required, so if this won't do the whole lawn in one go it won't bother me. I'll probably only use it 4 or 5 times a year too so it should last.

I am really curious about its leave mulching capabilities though, can anybody chie in on this?
Dec 21, 2010
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see what I'm to gauge is whether to get the ryobi 20inch, while still needing a trimmer after.

reading comments that the kolbat is so-so & it is also just 16inch cut