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[Home Depot] Winnipeg Home Depot 1st Generation Webers Genesis and Spirits

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  • Jul 30th, 2018 3:00 pm
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Mar 20, 2013
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[Home Depot] Winnipeg Home Depot 1st Generation Webers Genesis and Spirits

This post may annoy some because there's no prices, and it's an extreme YMMV, but hopefully it will help someone out.

The Regent (Winnipeg) Home Depot has one each of the following:
Genesis E-310 natural gas 6611001
Spirit E-310 natural gas 47513101
Spirit E-210 natural gas 47100001

These are the first generation models. They are older models and discontinued, but when the 2nd generations came out, many reviews said that the 1st gens were better quality than the new 2nd gens. I'm not sure what all of the differences are, but the 1st gen Genesis has doors, which is nice (keeps the pets and wild animals out of your grease catcher). Also, I think that the 1st gens might have been made in the USA, instead of China, and that the warranty might be 25 years instead of the 10 that you get with the current 2nd generation.

I did not ask anyone there to check the prices, because I figured that if the prices were really good then the staff would just buy them before any RFD'ers had a chance and I don't have any use for natural gas. But there was a post a few weeks ago where some HDs had the first generation Spirits on for $220 - $260. I would guesstimate that the gen 1 Genesis would go for about $350, but who knows. (home-depot-calgary-ymmv-weber-spirit-e2 ... q-2204493/)

Anyway, if you can use one, or if you think that you can sell them on Kijiji and you’re in the area you can check them out.

Aisle #17, top shelf.

(if anyone in the Winnipeg area managed to grab one of the propane Crimson Genesis II E-410 units for $480 and wants to discuss a trade for a propane Genesis II E-610, let me know)
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Nov 30, 2011
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I have a first gen Spirit E-310 natural gas.
The main difference is where the knobs are located (side vs front) and double doors.
I picked mine up on HD clearance (around $500) 4 years ago when the new model came in.

It is a solid bbq and I would not hesitate to buy again.


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