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Home Insurance

Completed some research on this but could not find a trust worthy source on recommended coverage.

For a $1.9 million dollar home with a small finished basement (1 washroom, entertainment space and unfinished furnace room) what coverage should I get for the following?

1. Sewer back up - currently $25k. Considering more but not sure what is reasonable.
2. Liability. Considering going to 2 million from 1 million is this worth considering or is it rarely claimed?
3. Earthquake. Toronto has a fault line in Lake Ontario may be worth it.

Any sources to help inform my decision would be appreciated.
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Apr 8, 2013
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Some good questions:

1. 25K for sewer back-up seems a bit low although it would depend upon the square footage of your basement.

2. Liability - ask for the cost associated with the extra $1M of coverage. I have $2M in liability for my auto and it costs an extra $50 per year - money well spent if you ask me. If you have a pool or a dog, I would consider purchasing the extra coverage due to the increase in the liability.

3. Always ensure that you have earthquake coverage.

Your best bet is to contact a broker - they deal with these matters on a daily basis.
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Jul 4, 2009
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Ask about flood coverage.
Our last insurance didn't cover overland water so we switched insurance companies. It was $50 more a month with overland water coverage. Overland is different from sewer backup.

I didn't get earthquake coverage, I didn't think it was needed...but now you're making me rethink it...