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Nov 8, 2020
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Home Internet and Network Help

Hello, I've been reading on the topic of home network, routers and APs trying to find a solution but I feel I'm just getting lost more than anything.

I currently have the Fizz modem/router combo. It seems to have some dead spots or slow spots in parts of the house. I am looking to have separate networks throughout the house to host various stuff. One would be for internet, the other for wifi cameras, iot stuff, etc.

From my understanding, if I want something like this I need to replace the Fizz router and put it in bridge mode so it just acts as a modem. Then I need to get a router and potentially range extenders or WDS bridge to extend my range. I can't really run wires through the house for APs.

Am I understanding this right? I currently have a spare router (Archer A10) but it does not do VLAN so everything would be on the same network.

If I got it right, does anyone have suggestions as to routers and extenders I could look into? I'm currently looking at the TP-Link AX50 and the Deco M5 3-pack mesh system. Both should support VLAN but I am not sure if a router and possible extenders are better or a mesh system. I don't have a preference for a company. I've read into pfsense but running a computer just for that seems like a waste of electricity and I would need switches, etc. unless I misunderstood.
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Dec 29, 2008
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I don't think the deco suppot VLANs, it just has hardcoded vlan for the guest network.

You don't need to get rid of your modem if it has an option to be put into bridged mode. Then you just buy your own router.

Do not buy range extenders they just half your connection and sticky clients won't roam properly anyways.

Most APs now support mesh so you could go this route if you truly want proper VLANs.

I myself use an edgerouter x and tp link EAPs and they actually been very good. Mine are hardwired but the EAP225 and EAP245 both support mesh. This means you buy two+ EAPs, you would hardwire one to the router like any mesh system and the others one can be placed anywhere in the house and a work wirelessly.

I have multiple SSIDs and VLANs for various reasons