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Montreal shipping from US

Anyone ordered from homedepot recently? I chose to have my item sent to my address and it looks like they are shipping it from NJ, USA. With UPS, one of the worse for custom fees and taxes. HD already charged the taxes, I really hope UPS isnt going to hit me with other brokage fees. Any recent experience with Homedepot online orders?
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SquadG wrote: I had that happen before with other stores too. They put the bill of sale on the box stating the taxes are paid locally (HST and GST) so nothing to worry about.

Ya if it’s a NA Co. with a US HQ this happens sometimes even if you order from the Cdn Co.

If you ordered from the Cdn Website ( .ca ) then you should be just paying the cost listed on that website

The Retailer is paying all the freight & taxes to move inventory to get the item to you

Haven’t personally had it happen @ Home Depot

But have at Bed, Bath & Beyond Canada
LL Bean Canada

You’ll usually get the US Tracking info as well as the Cdn (once it gets into Canada)
So you can follow it all the way to you

Sometimes the trip is interesting ... like seeing a parcel criss cross the continent twice before it gets to you
(Dependent upon where in the USA they source the item, where their US International Distribution Centre is ... as well as where their Cdn Distribution Centre is )

The only heads up you should be aware of
Is during Covid goods are moving slower everywhere ... Post or Courier
But especially for anything that has to cross the Border into Canada