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"homemade japanese restaurant" AYCE near warden & 16th ave

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  • Feb 26th, 2006 2:50 am
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Oct 24, 2003
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callous wrote:I have been there twice, and the food was good to excellent each time.

Try the beef, it's amazingly well done. Fried oysters are quite nice too. Green tea icecream Mmmmm

$11.99 M-R, 11.99+3.00 F-SS, Holidays.
I went 3 weeks ago, would rate it ok. Selection is good, many drinks to choose from. Fish was decent. Only thing was gross was the they served a bad bunch of oysters, no taste except for the stale/rotting taste. Too bad too, otherwie I would have eaten a ton of oysters. All said though, great value.
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Jan 26, 2004
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Is there a 20% discount still? If so, it's worth it!!
Aug 27, 2005
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Went here yesterday for lunch. I'm relatively new to the AYCE japanese scene so can't compare to many other places. The price of lunch is still 11.99 and I called to ask if they still had 20% off. The lady told me no but did I have a menu
which entitles you to 20% dinner and 15% off lunch. I told her no but would she give me the flyer if I came in with a group for lunch and she said yes!
The various rolls were good and has been mentioned in the thread, the cooked food really seemed like their strong point(chicken/beef teriyaki, spring rolls, tempura shrimp). The nigri sushi was most dissapointing , we had clam(which was pretty good), snapper(passable) and white tuna(gross). They just did not seem very fresh. They don't serve sashimi for lunch
which based on the above I was happy about. The spicy salmon hand roll was OK though. The speciality drinks they had were a nice bonus, both bubble tea and red bean drinks were good quality, our table also tried the strawberry and honey dew slush which were OK. All in all a cautious recommendation, were certainly got our moneys worth ($13/per person including tax and 10% service charge on bill) but with the caveat that their sushi quality will dissapoint if our visit was any indication of their regular product.
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Dec 7, 2004
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i go there once in a while.

They have in the last few months developed an "odd" tendency to lose orders on certain dishes that cost more to make. Order twice and it still might not appear. Ask them what happened and it will appear.

I really dont like that.