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hometurf pamphlet in Toronto star today....any experience?

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  • May 8th, 2010 10:09 pm
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hometurf pamphlet in Toronto star today....any experience?

Saw a 2 page pull out (that's what she said) ad in the Toronto star today for hometurf - lawn care services.

2 program options:

Deluxe @ (starting from) $199
- 4 treatments of slow release granular fertilizer
- spring / fall sarritor weed management
- 2 crack / crevice treatments in your patio stones
- lawn analysis
"10 treaments over 6 visits to your home"

Complete @ (starting from) $259
- everthing above in deluxe +
+ spring / fall merchanical core aeration
+ spring / fall lawn OVER seeding
"14 treatments over 8 visits to your home"

what is intersting to me is that 8 visits for anyone ...even if they were highschool kids.... to see my lawn is less than $35 a visit.

Their quotes are for 2500 sq ft, which is exactly what my lawn is...so I think might appreciate the value curve on this one..

my wife says no...and wants me to simply spend my weekends buying seed etc..but I just bought that $20 bag of stuff that "grows on concrete" and don't think it worked....so having some guys manage / aerate+overseed sounds appealing to me
99% of the stuff I own comes from RFD!

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