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Is the Honor 8 a good fit for me?

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  • Feb 17th, 2017 6:58 am
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Nov 21, 2008
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Is the Honor 8 a good fit for me?

Hi all,

I have used the Samsung S3 since mid 2012; It's been an excellent phone and has served me well. Part of what makes the phone so great is the fantastic Cyanogenmod support. Additionally, the phone has also proven very durable, and specs have held up sufficiently for my usage.

I'm finally noticing the phone is slowing down, in addition to being slightly too small, a bad camera and an atrocious battery at this point. In light of this, I've been looking for a new phone.

I hope to purchase a new phone by May 2017, and am willing to wait if necessary.

I'm looking for a phone with the following:
- between 5-5.3 inches
- has either good OS/receives updates or in the alternative, good cyanogenmod support (is CM still even a thing?)
- is expected to be serviceable for 3-4 years
- doesn't break easily
- I'm a light phone user, so my spec trade off is in favour of camera/battery opposed to performance/screen
- between $200 - 400
- atleast 32 gigs of memory

In light of this criteria, is the Honor 8 (on sale for $400) a good choice for me?
Will it meet all of my criteria?
Based on my critiera, are there any other phones available now you recommend instead? In the alternative, do you think it's likely there will be a phone that goes on sale between now and May that will provide better value for me?

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Cyanogen is now LineageOS. There is no official support for Honor 8. It also has Kirin processor so long term support will probably be limited.

Might want to look at Moto Z Play instead, $360 at Koodo. Excellent battery life