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Horizon 7.8AT Treadmill $2528.10

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  • Feb 22nd, 2021 8:48 am
Jul 3, 2002
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Horizon 7.8AT Treadmill $2528.10

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Horizon Fitness
Not sure if this is hot but seems to be a good deal on a decent treadmill.

Back in stock as of this morning, use welcome10 for additional 10% off the $2799 price.

About to pull the trigger on this one. Anyone have experience with Horizon treadmills? How do they compare against Nordictrack, Peloton etc??


Stream fitness classes through the Peloton app or run through virtual Zwift worlds with advanced Bluetooth connectivity and HR strap. Easily adjust speed and incline with exclusive QuickDial controls and a 4.0 CHP motor with Rapid Sync technology. Crush your goals with the integrated Sprint 8 HIIT program. All on a durable 22x60" deck with 3-zone cushioning that will stand up to your hardest workouts.
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Nov 26, 2013
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Not a good price. I’ve seen this locally in-stock this past weekend for $2,299.
Jul 3, 2002
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ReaperEXE wrote: Not a good price. I’ve seen this locally in-stock this past weekend for $2,299.
Ok, been checking online and don’t see anyone have stock. Treadmill Factory has it listed for $2299 but no stock. Who has them in stock? Shipping included? I’d prefer buying direct in case I need warranty coverage.

Not sure why the downvotes lol, just sharing deal on treadmill that are hard to find these days.
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Dec 20, 2003
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I bought the Horizon 7.0AT last month off their website, when they had the really good January sale. Bought around January 18th, shipped January 27th, and arrived at my house on February 5th. It's a beast.... lugged it down to my basement myself, but at 350lbs, I don't recommend that.

I like, and don't like, the AT line. Firstly, I bought it for the durability, and it's solid - also it really does have good cushioning, although I've placed it on finished basement floors, not an upper level where there may be vibration from the impact on floor joists.

- Solid
- I like the speed/incline adjustment dials on the handles (although I've occasionally brushed the incline with my arms swinging, but can quickly fix)
- The fan may be as powerful as a PC case fan, but it does seem to work (Note - it does not seem to automatically turn off when the workout is done)
- Embedded speakers work pretty well, more than I expected
- Smooth running surface
- Seems to fold easily, but I just keep it setup
- Easy to make adjustments during the run.... on the machine. I can't figure out how to use the app for that.

- The AFG Pro app on my phone that controls the treadmill is crap. Sometimes it doesn't even connect to the treadmill, or spins as it tries to connect for minutes, delaying my workout start. The bottom of the screen is sometimes cutoff too, so I can't make adjustments
- Doesn't link to my FitBit.... displays some Mandarin Chinese characters as an error message
- Bluetooth streaming of the audio from my MS Surface doesn't work... but I use the 3.5mm audio jack instead
- The belt seems to already have a couple of marks on it from brushing against the upper plastic of the sides, kinda worries me
- Placement of the tablet holder blocks the main screen on the 7.0AT

Overall I'm happy with it, although I do want to keep an eye on the belt.... and really hate the AFG fitness app.
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