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Hospitals in Toronto using Oculus Go as a research experiment on elderly patients...?

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Hospitals in Toronto using Oculus Go as a research experiment on elderly patients...?

Went to visit my grandmother in the hospital today. Left briefly to put more money on the green pea parking meter and came back to a woman holding an Oculus Go and speaking to my grandma who's 96 years old.

Long story short she ended up with it on her for a few minutes while I spoke to this woman who explained that they're doing this as research to help people with injuries and in rehab, people with dementia (which I'm sure she has mildly), among other reasons.

Has anyone noticed this happening? I'm all for it from a research standpoint until she started asking a ton of questions such as "how did you feel with it on, was it comfortable, was the image clear, did you feel nautious, did you like the content and what kind of content would you prefer to see?" etc etc (there was about 30-50 questions). At which point I asked her to stop as I was there to see her and not have her play into what very much seemed like market research.

In the end there wasnt many left so I said she can finish it but please respect the time the family is spending with her. This is a woman in alot of pain and is battling cancer (not nearly as bad as others though in all honesty but still). Which was fine, but I still found it a bit wierd. (in the end she didn't care about the VR... which wasn't surprising).

Anyone seen this? It was at the Michael Garron Hospital (east general)
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I read an article on something similar and it kind of makes sense. Obviously the time to use it isn't when someone is visiting but apparently the VR thing is mentally stimulating in a place that is far from it.


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