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Hot Pot at home, butane or induction?

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  • Jan 15th, 2019 4:41 pm
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May 22, 2005
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Hot Pot at home, butane or induction?

I'm replacing a really old butane stovetop, which is 100% for hot pot uses.

+easier to store
+easier to clean
-requires electricity
-more expensive
-more parts, more ways to break

+requires common butane canisters
-requires butane canisters
-temperature slow to control

Budget really isn't an issue, but I'd like to hear opinions of fellow RFD'ers
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Jan 27, 2004
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T.O. Lotto Captain
Butane just because its portable and wireless. Easier to use. Its kind of annoying having a wire across the table if you use an electric range.
The butane is cheaper too... $16 @ most Chinese grocery stores. $5.99 for a 4 pack of gas.

RE: the negatives.. I don't mind using cans just because its portable and wireless.
The temperature... I find is actually no tthat slow to control b/c its gas. You turn it up/down and the flame size changes instantly.
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Dec 14, 2010
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I have both and also a grill/pot combo thing at home.

The grill/pot combo is this one that I got from my mom: ... B003BQXK16

I prefer using the butane stove over the induction as I find they are both similar but the main thing is that the butane stove does not have a wire. The wire for my induction is too short so I either need an extension cord or need to position it at the edge of the table which doesn't work well when there is more than two people. Good thing about butane stove is that you only need butane though it has happened more than once where I ran out and didn't know.

The grill/pot combo was a gift and actually works quite well when I want to hot pot my self. The pot isn't big so not ideal if you have a large family or a lot of friends hot potting. Same issue as the induction with the short wire though.
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Sep 1, 2005
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If you can deal with the wire (perhaps use some tape to tape it to the ground for safety, no tripping line) induction is better because there is no flame and no heat coming off the unit. Other than steam, you can hold you hand beside the pot and it don't get hot. You could leave a ladle in the pot without worrying the ladle will burn or get so hot that it burns when you touch it. You can also get a much lower simmer from induction than a flame because I think it cycles.
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Aug 5, 2011
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Outdoor - gas
Indoor - induction
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Aug 22, 2006
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If budget isn't an issue I'd go induction since you have to have a pot that's induction capable (which costs extra)

If you're using it for other things (eg holidays) I still prefer butane because power capacity is at a premium with all the other things going when I need another burner.
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Aug 20, 2012
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Nov 20th, 2015 1:42 pm
Outdoor - gas
Indoor - induction
Reminds me of the Hong Kong clay pots in winter...

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Sep 2, 2008
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I prefer butane. Comes in handy other time also, my wife and I take it camping and sometimes even to a beach trip!
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Aug 18, 2005
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GTA West
I would keep the butane because it's a good thing to have in the event of some massive power outage, etc.
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Oct 15, 2015
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Montreal, QC
+cheap (since money is NOT an issue, "cheap" factor is not positive,LOL)
+reliable (in chemical factor, butane is dangeous, actually)
high pressure in canisters (dangeous)
-temperature slow to control (definitely)
what about your choice?
Nov 8, 2015
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Westmount, QC
Induction... Hated buthane and having to buy canisters and losing power as the buthane started to run out and end up with bunch of not quite empty but useless canisters
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Jan 5, 2006
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Midtown Toronto
Prefer butane. I don't use it too much so buying the canisters every once in a while didn't bother me and I like taking my butane burner with me when I go camping. I wouldn't use the induction plate enough to justify the premium over a butane burner. Ymmv
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Jul 22, 2006
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I like butane, you get to see the actual firee