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Hot Pot at home, butane or induction?

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  • Jan 15th, 2019 4:41 pm
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Aug 22, 2006
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Why not both?

Butane stove is like $26 including a 4 pack of cartiridges.

Induction is like $70 at Costco.

Butane is great for camping/emergencies/etc.
Induction is great for long simmering stocks because I have a gas stove at home. Although I've been cheating and using my oven lately.
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Oct 13, 2008
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Hamburgler wrote:
Nov 21st, 2015 9:51 am
Induction... Hated buthane and having to buy canisters and losing power as the buthane started to run out and end up with bunch of not quite empty but useless canisters
Guess you don't like gas BBQ either.

Butane all the way. No need to worry about a stupid cord getting in the way.

Butane is cheap.

And if you have a power outage, you can still make yourself an instant noodle with a butane burner.
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