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Nov 30, 2010
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While JAC's intentions seem sincere, I would like to point out that speculative assumptions only serve to ward away recent, new, and or not-so-chatty RFD members. I'll elaborate:

JAC wrote: 1. Look at the join date. Less than a few months ago? Few posts? No feedback? Bad signs.
- Such traits are typical of *new* accounts, aren't they?

JAC wrote: 3. Google the seller's email address. If you can't find it anywhere else, it's probably disposable.
- Are all known personal email addresses in wide, public distribution? More Spam w/that email?

JAC wrote: 4. Ask for a phone number. Use it. Google it. Do a reverse lookup.
- Phone services don't all publish personal info.
- Getting prepaid phones, inputting garbage @activation isn't very difficult.
- My personal favorite: unstable/irrational people with unreasonable expectations, harassing to no end & forcing favorite phone #'s to be discarded. :facepalm:

JAC wrote: 5. Ask to pay by cheque or money order. Do a reverse lookup on the mailing address. Google it.
- If the transaction is in-person, a cheque/money order may not be the wisest decision (unless you're craving Russian roulette).

JAC wrote: 6. Look at the photos. Google the link to see if they've been used before under different accounts, or different user names.
- Useful *if* photos claimed to be 'actual' item; sifting through countless pictures online isn't exactly feasible either.

JAC wrote: 7. Visit the photo gallery if you can, and look for photos with different user names. Google the names.
- Not a bad idea, but people with security/personal concerns won't be eager to plaster their face/butt/etc. all over the internet
- Adding identity theft/unauthorized usage of someone else's pictures/etc. to the mix doesn't help either.

All in all, I'd still like to thank JAC for his efforts :)
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Apr 16, 2001
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You seem to have missed all my points. I'm not going to explain them to you, nor will I bother to express anything other than amusement at a noobs condescension.
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Nov 30, 2010
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Likewise, though it's rather pitiful for you to see attacks, where there are none; adding your belittlement of others only serves to further emphasize, just how 'small' (minded) you really are.

But please, don't let pesky details such as most *new RFD'ers meeting your criteria, get in the way...

...while I'd love to stay and chat, you'll have to make-do self debating from here on out.

In the interest of the record: I'd take being a 'noob' - over being a *boob* like you any day.

Cheerio! :)

Mar 28, 2011
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I am new to this forum and just want to thank you for the awesome info. Everyone.
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Aug 20, 2012
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Just as worse are buyers with no real interest in the item and go back and forth a 100 times in pm's with ZERO intention of buying anything just to screw around with the seller. Loneliness and depression must be widespread. Maybe post a similar thread as to what sellers need to watch out for...
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