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How is the BFG 5500OC? An how compare to Radeon 8500Le

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  • Dec 26th, 2004 11:43 am
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Sep 18, 2003
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How is the BFG 5500OC? An how compare to Radeon 8500Le

Hmm..any1 know if the BFG 5500 256mb is 128 bit or 256? An is it a good card? (are they makin their own number? Cause I cant really find any info on the 5500, cept another 1 or 2 companys built the card (not nvidia, tired an forget the word lol..same thing as Ati let other company build..Ill jus go with uses ati name trype thing) I have a 8500Le 129mb..but dont wanna pay the money if not gonna have much increase in performance. (was it 5200 that was equal to the 8500? Well bit better)

(all a repaste of what I typed earlier) cant find info on it really..saw it instore on 24th (gettin ready for sale) An didnt see info how 128 or 256 bits...dont want a card that wont be much use to me.
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May 20, 2004
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128-bit dont touch it if youve got an 8500. It's basically a 5200 core that is overclocked with 256mb useless video memory (mainly because the card is such a weak performer that it becomes the bottleneck rather than the memory). Its performance drops between a 5200 and 5600 (non-ultras) and leans more to the 5200. if your looking to game save up your money for a real card, other than that... $80 for a work computer video card that can do minor gaming ( at low res :cheesygri ) is a pretty decent deal.


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