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How to calculate rental fee for outdoor parking?

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  • Dec 2nd, 2017 9:12 pm
Feb 23, 2015
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Mississauga, ON

How to calculate rental fee for outdoor parking?

Friend bought a property that was a vehicle dealership, only needs to use rear part of the building for their own operations (warehousing), wants to lease out the rest for someone who could start a vehicle dealership- used, new, trailers, whatever.

In trying to help them I can calculate office rent using local advertised rates.

How to calculate rent for outdoor usage? New vehicle dealer will park the stuff they want to sell outside. I can find rates for outdoor parking but those are individuals wanting to park their single vehicles.

One prospect wants to display a dozen vehicles, actual property is
13489 ON-7, Georgetown, ON L7G 4S4

On google maps you will see it was a trailer dealership, now the lot is empty.
Also where could I advertise to find a lessee? That is someone who wants to lease a portion to run as a vehicle dealership.
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May 29, 2012
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Southern Ontario
You can either do the leg work yourself call around for other similar sites and see what they are charging and charge that.
Or get real estate agent to do same thing for you but will cost you.
How much I have no idea