How can a non-IT person make a career in Cloud?

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  • Dec 15th, 2021 12:00 pm
Oct 11, 2021
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How can a non-IT person make a career in Cloud?

Could someone tell me how a non-IT person can make a career in the AWS cloud platform? Someone suggest me enroll in the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification exam which offers a quick way to make a career in Microsoft Azure for non-IT background professionals.

What do you say?
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Oct 19, 2008
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What is your definition of "IT person?"
I couldn't program my way out of a wet paper bag, but I've been working for household name IT companies for 20+ years in partner management, sales, account management etc.
If you want to be a bit more technical there is anything from people doing high level Cloud architecture and design work to down in the weeds development work.
What you like to do, and the skills and aptitudes you already posses can possibly open a lot of doors.
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Nov 15, 2016
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What kind of career? Sales? Professional services? engineering? Cloud has many different verticals for someone to make a career into. Your best bet is what @redshift said. Leverage your skills and open up the doors. Now if your thinking if pivoting from a non-IT role into a IT engineering type of role, that's going to require a lot of work, but can be done.
I work in cloud engineering and specialize in AWS, before this was a IT business analyst, taught myself basic coding by learning VBA and automating Excel workbooks