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How to decide distribution in a will (single, severely ill)

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  • Oct 18th, 2018 8:07 pm
Aug 21, 2016
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OmAaron wrote: I'm very sorry to hear about your situation. I am very humbled to see how thorough you are being with this process at such a tough time for you.

There are two things here that you should try and delineate. "Hurt feelings", and subsequent "action. You are looking out for your family, and a will is a great way to make your wishes known. Are some relatives going to be jealous of your cousin or brother's windfall? Sure some may but you can't control this. As some other posters recommended, maybe speak to the beneficiaries of your specific gifts and estate ahead of time to ensure your wishes aren't widely communicated, if it can be helped.

You definitely want to speak with your service provider about being explicit about your house and the cash gift. Other than that, what you're trying to accomplish with regards to specific gifts and the distribution of your estate is straightforward. Like you highlighted, the emotions generally the tough thing to navigate. The best you can do is make your wishes clear and try your best to remove any questions about the soundness of your mind in your decision making at this very tough time for you. If you are at the beginning of your process with your lawyer, I would be very honoured to give you access to our online service at Om for free so you could use those documents as a basis for your continued conversation with your lawyer. My only hope is that it somehow saves you some money so you can do something special with your loved ones.

One last thing to remember. Review your beneficiaries for insurance and investment accounts. They may override your will.

With that said, I hope you won't think as much about the stressors to your family. You seem like such a strong and generous individual and I sincerely wish that your family has as much time with you as possible.

Thank you all for the kind words and great advice. I've started those difficult conversations with those I am going to name in my will and have been setting some expectations.

I would very much appreciate access to OM online services and will send you a PM.
Oct 16, 2018
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I'm happy to help. Pm returned.
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