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How do I set up 2 Chromecasts with Google TV on 2 TVs

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May 28, 2007
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How do I set up 2 Chromecasts with Google TV on 2 TVs

I have the first Chromecast with Google TV connected to the basement TV. I recently bought a second Chromecast with Google TV to attach to my brother's room's TV. How would I go about setting it up so that both TVs can use it to watch streaming movies and shows from installed free apps at the same time? That is, each person watches what they want no matter which TV they are using at the same time. Do you just add the other person onto both Chromecast with Google TV with their own profile so that what they watch won't interfere with what I'm watching? Does the added person need to have their own Google email to be added on?

Or do you just set up the 2nd Chromecast with Google TV under the other person's name and leave the original Chromecast with Google TV under my own name so that each Chromecast is independent from each other? If yes, can it be done under the same Google Home account, or does it have to be a different Google Home account to stay independent?

Waiting to make sure before setting it up so I don't mess it up. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Dec 30, 2006
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I think you can do either way. Either the second Chromecast can be with an entirely different email, and just sign onto things like Netflix & Prime Video with whatever account you want. That will only be limited to whatever Netflix & Prime Video's limitation is. I also believe you can have both on the same email. What you're limited by is only by whatever streaming app you're watching from I would think. The only issue is if you buy/rent movies from the Google Play Store.

Think of it like you had your account signed in on 2 different phones (perhaps your old one and new one). Google just treats it like 2 different devices but on same account so there's content synced (like your documents, web history etc.). You would still be able to browse the web simultaneously with both.

Someone can feel free to chime in/correct me here.
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Dec 11, 2003
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Just set up the 2nd Chromecast the same way you did with the 1st one using the Google Home app. Then give it a name (like "Brothers TV").

That's it. Then anybody can cast to either Chromecast. I believe the only thing needed is for the phone/tablet to cast to the Chromecast is to be connected to your wifi.
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Do you care about watch histories/playlists/favorites/etc?

Generally speaking, most apps do have a profile feature so you can just use one Netflix etc login and have 2 profiles.
When you go to watch whatever TV, just pick whichever profile.

If you don't care about watchlists, just have one profile.
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All four of my CCWGTV are linked to my google account and all can watch my paid subscriptions independently at the same time. Netflix, Prime, D+, etc.

Now, if you are asking about sharing an iptv service between, that's a conversation for another forum.