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How does the Fido prepaid post paid work

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  • Mar 5th, 2022 2:57 am
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How does the Fido prepaid post paid work

So a Fido rep offered me a pretty good deal. 3G it’s for $35 or 6 gigs for 40 (or 45)
Cause I was going to switch and I only use 2 gigs, they didn’t have 2 gig plan.

Went to another location as the other one closes early and I was told it’s a pre paid and post paid plan and they can’t do it in store. They tried to explain it but it didn’t make much sense and said I need to use some cards.
Something like you use it for 30 days and pay after (isn’t that the same as a regular plan?)

Anyone know how it works? Can’t find any info here or online
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All Fido/Virgin/Koodo plans are pre-pay in the sense that the monthly charge for the plan is billed up-front. With prepaid plans, you have to pay this amount before you can use the service, and you have to pay for any add-ons before you can use them. With postpaid plans, you get about a couple of weeks to pay this upfront bill while you continue to use the service. With postpaid plans, you can also incur additional charges for extra data, roaming, international long distance etc. You get to use these features before and then the charges are added to your next bill based on your usage.
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The big networks no longer have "per minute" prepaid, where your balance carries over every month.

I guess they don't make money that way, so they do monthly prepaid plans. You pay, get up to XX minutes/data for the month, and then next month, repeat the process. No carrying over of credit/minutes/data.