How to get back to university? Need help serious!!

Jun 30, 2013
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How to get back to university? Need help serious!!

HI! I used to go to York University and due to family matter, I had to quit.
I finished my first year at York and my grades are extremely bad!!! Like "F" all the way down.
4 years has passed, I have been making money and surviving. And lots of things happened.

I want to get back to my education before it's really late. (I feel like it's still late but its better than nothing right?)
I realized that if I try to apply through OUAC 105D, I know I will get rejected to all the universities Because like I said my grades are severe.
One of my friend told me that there is university called, "The Chang School Ryerson University" ( by the way I do know Ryerson University)
He said I can take any courses and recover or upgrade my grades so that I can re-apply to university and I can get accepted.
I am trying to become CA (Chartered Accountants). I dig into Ryerson University website and found out there is Ted Rogers School of Business.

(Sorry if I am typing too much)
Basically, I want to major in Accounting and want to take accounting program in Ted Rogers School of Business at Ryerson University.
What should I do in order to get into this program?

Please let me know
Thanks for your support.
Have a great day/ good night!
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Mar 16, 2010
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why don't you talk to york admissions? see if you can get back into your program. usually when someone has a really bad GPA they are given a year off anyway (academic probation) (or they allow you to do a max of 24credits/y with the conclusion that you maintain a higher then C+ avg in all your courses from there on forward) I'm pretty sure you can go back now since you took a 4 year break ...
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Jun 11, 2008
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Make an appointment with York first and see what options you have. I can't see how they wouldn't let you take one semester of courses to see if you're capable of continuing in your previous program.

If you really cannot get back in, then you can take the course route at Ryerson.
Nov 23, 2013
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They changed the accounting major into it's own program (Accounting and Finance) this year. Just letting you know.
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Jul 11, 2008
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normally if you did one year of university and left for a period of 1+ year, you can reapply with your highschool grades ( i think), which effectively erases your 1 year of transcript at york 4 years ago.

look into that and talk to admissions.
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Jun 8, 2008
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I think you'll find admissions to be understanding, one year of bad grades, coupled with family issues, coupled with 4 years of life experience mean you most likely know what you want and are willing to work hard to get there. Talk to York first but look at other schools if York isn't the right fit for you.
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Mar 14, 2008
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^ I believe he is talking about completing his undergrad, not an MBA, at the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM).

I'm not an expert but based on what a few friends did, the following may help you:

If you've been out of school that length of time, why don't you try applying as a Full-Time Mature Student at either York or TRSM. I think if you do it this way, it will be a more direct process - meaning that you will only have to deal with York/ Ryerson and not OUAC (but I could be wrong). Also I'm not sure if they would look at your highschool or university marks.

Like your friend was saying, you could also take courses through the Chang School at Ryerson which is for continuing education. You would be taking courses part-time (in the evening) and once you upgrade your marks you could apply to be a full-time student.

Regardless what path you choose, you have lots of options and ultimately you taking steps in the right direction.
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Jun 16, 2010
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Is it possible to become a chartered accountant if I take business management at ryerson?

If not what's the point of the program ?
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Mar 14, 2008
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zecs wrote: Is it possible to become a chartered accountant if I take business management at ryerson?

If not what's the point of the program ?
It may be beneficial for your future career and personal knowledge if you look further into how to become a CA. CPA Ontario sets the standards so you may want to begin your research there. Take a look at this link to see which universities are accredited and which provide the the 51 Credit-hour requirements (Ryerson is on that list). ... e1184.aspx


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