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How I fixed 14.50 error on Insignia Roku TV

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  • May 4th, 2020 8:41 am
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Apr 16, 2002
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How I fixed 14.50 error on Insignia Roku TV

May work on other TVs, etc that use Roku. YMMV

I picked up a used Insignia TV w/built-in Roku recently. Roku TV 5302X, Insignia model NS-32DR420CA16.

Seller was upfront about the Roku wireless portion not working properly. Everything else was fine.

Sure enough I got it home and it would not connect to my wireless network even when TV placed right next to router. Gave me the dreaded 14.50 error. I tried a factory reset. Still no success.

Updated the TV firmware via USB. Again no success connecting to network.

Then I went into the 'secret' wireless menu and disabled network pings. Still no wifi connection

Finally, within the secret wireless menu I tried Radios settings. There I changed to TX: 2 RX: 1.

Success! Was able to connect to wireless network . Internet working great, it added all my Roku channels.

Hope this can help someone else with similar problems.
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