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How long did it take you back to normal...

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  • Aug 9th, 2020 6:36 pm
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Jan 27, 2006
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How long did it take you back to normal...

Lifting what you did before Covid19?

Especially if you didn't do any sort of exercise.

I'm a few days back to GoodLife and take the Decline Press machine. I can max it out 150 lbs. each side and right now I can only do 80 lbs. each side. Three sets, 12 reps.
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Jun 6, 2015
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Toronto, ON
Roughly 2 months for around 3+ months of doing almost nothing.
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Jun 8, 2005
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Just reading this thread gives me DOMS.
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May 14, 2009
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I didn’t stop working out totally (I have a home gym) but I still anticipate that it’ll take a couple months to get back to where I was. Not planning on going back soon, though; so I might need to add a couple extra months to my expectations.
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Apr 11, 2006
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My muscles have the memory of an very quick.

Lol. (Sarcasm btw)
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Jan 27, 2004
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I’ve switched to purely calesthetics. I do 100 pull ups per day. A jail house workout i call it...
-pull ups with bars
-gymnastic ring work T pose, dips, pull ups, muscle ups etc.
-hanging leg raise
-Push ups

I might just stick with it because i feel better doing this then with weights... i was pushing suuuper hard before power lifting style and just doing super low reps like 5 and really heavy. With some 1-2 rep max type weights. Built up good strength. But damn its tough on my hands. I have small hands and skinny forearms. Causes finger pain from all the gripping you need to do to pull off big heavy lifts.

I think the time off has helped me though... all the calesthetics have really built up my core. So it might help improve my lifts once i get bAck into that training.

But i think i’ll stick to calesthetics. Its just so much fun... and i’m reeeeally working towards doing a 5 second plance and a really nice flag pole. So far could only do 3 seconds with the shakes haha
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Dec 10, 2004
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Depends how often you go, rest, food etc. Muscle memory is a real thing. You will get back to what you were before FAST. It may have taken you previously a year or two and now you lost it,but with a proper diet it will take a few months. Certainly also depends how big you were and how much you've lost. I've taken 3+ months off before so I don't worry too much as I gain it back within months.
My issue currently is limited gym time with fit4less. For some reason I can't book 2 sessions in a row and 1 hour is not enough as I need 10 minutes of stretching before with some foam rolling and then 15 minutes of foam rolling after. I am left with just 35 minutes of gym. I can't go every day to do splits this is why I do HIT style workouts and I need 2 hours to complete it. Hopefully they will adjust their booking procedure to allow it.
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Dec 10, 2004
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UrbanPoet wrote:
I have small hands and skinny forearms. Causes finger pain from all the gripping you need to do to pull off big heavy lifts.
Certainly it depends on genetics,but I started with very skinny forearms and I never did any work on them as I see others do. Yet, they grew a lot just by doing regular exercises and pull ups. I use straps . And with HIT style exercises, by the end of the workout, it's a lot of stress on them as I grip things for 1.5 hours or so. Depending on how I feel, I use the traps for pull ups, rows,etc.
If you do heavy lifts, just use straps. No need to kill your tendons which start to do the work, and then you are screwed for life when a tear happen.
I often use voice typing and rarely read what I had typed...
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Jan 21, 2008
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First 2 days back, I was only doing about 60% of what I usually do (in terms of heaviness), & my body felt brutal. Not the normal sore from working out, but brutal like I felt injured. From the time GL closed to Toronto reopen, was 4.5 months. In my adult life, I've never gone more than 2 week break from the gym at the most, so 4.5 months was a crazy long time for me. Usually if I take 2 weeks off, I get back to normal very quickly, but 4.5 months is so long vs what I'm used to. I did chin-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, & cardio during the pandemic (I have treadmill & chin-up/pull-up bar), but doing gym weights killed me (again, I was only doing 60% of my normal heaviness). Tomorrow is my 3rd workout, hopefully I will see improvement soon. First day back i was having a lot of difficulty with the mask affecting me, making me sweat a lot, etc but 2nd day was big improvement in that regard
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Jun 28, 2018
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Aurora, Ontario
A few years back I was going through some crap and I completely stoped working out for over a year. First week back I barely deadlifted 3 plates for 1 rep. It took me exactly 8 weeks to get back to an 5 plate deadlift. It was mind blowing how fast it happened.
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Feb 10, 2011
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When gym closed I was hitting 225 for 10 on free weight bench, gym opened a few weeks ago and I could only get one rep at 225! Now in 3 weeks I’m at 6 reps 225. So a few more weeks yet I figure. Haven’t tried my max yet, it was 325 for one no spotter. Feels good to be back!
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