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How to make this VOIP setup work?

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  • Oct 26th, 2019 10:24 am
Jun 25, 2016
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How to make this VOIP setup work?

I've successfully been using voip.ms on an IP phone and an ATA adapter for use at home and have been looking into extending that into business use. (completely different number and account)

I tested using 5 CISCO 8841 IP phones with the hope of using them solely with voip.ms, sticking with a virtual PBX for simplicity (as that's all I'm familiar with currently, but willing to learn).

I was able to set up all the phones with sub-accounts and have them page each other but am running into some issues of them interacting the same way as before.

Current set-up is 5 phones, 2 lines with distinct numbers (1 being a rollover). I like that voip.ms allows 2 simultaneous calls so I can get rid of that rollover number.

My Issue:
In the past, when a call was received it would show up on all phones as coming in on line 1. When that call was answered, it would show on ALL phones as line 1 being in use.
With voip.ms, once that call is answered, there is no way to tell from the other phones if a person is still actively on that call. This presents the issue of person A transferring a call to person B when person B is already on the phone with someone else and can't take the call. Person A forwarding a new call would be unaware of when person B is done with their call.

I've had voip.ms enable forwarding on the account.
Can this issue be dealt with without additional hardware? Anything can be changed at this point as we're still early in the game.