How is Metro College of Technology ?

May 30, 2010
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koalorka wrote: A two post account springs to life to passionately defend private career colleges? Who are you even kidding?

This business model is a parasite on the taxpayer in Canada, because desperate people are being swindled into unjustifiably expensive programs (which are funded through OSAP) at these bottom-feeding businesses masquerading as institutions of learning, and they are obtaining nothing of tangible economic value, since the training is often not recognized by any regulatory bodies.

We should start to lobby to make any programs at these places ineligible for OSAP funding. If someone is willing to take the risk, they themselves should be burdened with the expense, not the tax payer.
Well once again the poster proves that his/her opinion is severely biased. Do you want to heed advice from someone biased? Do you also know that big companies - just ask any - don't send their employees for training to public colleges that the deal-addict above seems to so vigorously defend? Because they know that private educational outfits provide much more real-life training that could be immediately applied in your career.

Again, read opinions wisely and make own decision. Do you want to listen to screaming biased posters that claim to be "know-it-all" because they have nothing better to do with their time than write 2,000 posts on RFD and know nothing about real world, or do you want to see what's best for your career, visit a few educational institutions and make the best decision for yourself? The choice is yours.
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Aug 28, 2014
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Toronto, ON
Can anyone else vouch for this place? I am mainly looking for the work placement and training in the various CAD packages that I don't have experience with. I was taught solidworks in uni but the industry is so segmented with a huge chunk going to autodesk products.
Oct 3, 2019
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On June 17 this year I entered Metro College on the Data Science and Application - Advanced Diploma program. I would like to share my experience with this course. In total: 11 subjects are in the course and the cost of the course is $16,000 + textbooks.
30 students in the class.
On average, 7 study days are given for the study of each subject (classes, presentation, exam) (that is, in 7 days you have to learn how to program in Python, in the next 7 days how to program in R and so on. Moreover: for 4 months of training I have not received a single homework and to my question, could you give some kind of homework to practice, there is only one answer: the Internet and Google. I believe that instructors have knowledge but in fact are not teachers, because they cannot explain the elementary things. The first time I meet teachers who speak English so badly. Textbooks that sell for 50 bucks each are obsolete and are no longer relevant (for example, a textbook for Python series 2, because this series is no longer used) The so-called teachers also don’t use these textbooks. If this is a Canadian college with a Canadian educational system, then apparently the educational system in Canada is experiencing some kind of crisis or recession because it is difficult to call it a system of education. I don’t see any reason to spend time and money on so-called education in the so-called Metro college of technology, because after receiving such an Advanced Diploma you will not have the basic knowledge to get a job in IT
Aug 12, 2020
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Stay away and far away. Not worth it. I completed Data science diploma in early 2020 along my friend. Metro College targets Indians with promises of finding better job and best instructors for R, SAS, and Python software. Majority of the students are newly immigrants from India, Pakistan, and Iran. There are around 35 students in one class and it is too difficult for the instructors to teach properly. Many times students argue with instructors and waste time of others. Teaching is mediocre and I had to use Google and other tutorials on Youtube to learn advance functions. Course curriculum is weak and does not come anywhere close to the requirements in the industry. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars if I have to learn myself using online tools. I and my friend still struggling to get a better job.