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How to minimize cigarette smell while smoking

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  • Sep 18th, 2020 10:08 pm
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Mar 28, 2005
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How to minimize cigarette smell while smoking

I have a couple of family members and their friends who still smoke.
In the summer they smoke outside the house, so that works relatively well.
But during the winter they end up smoking in the attached garage and some of that smell ends up in the house.

I thought there were some gadgets that actually absorb the smoke - something I can install in the garage.
Anyone know what is actually effective to do that?
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Oct 5, 2008
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tell them to smoke outside year round...just like people have to do at their workplaces
Apr 18, 2017
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Ozone generator.
They are used for fire/smoke damage remediation.
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Mar 28, 2006
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before you try ozone generator, read this. I think it might be fine for garage usage but ozone is never a good thing indoor. ... or-asthma/

Other than that, make sure your door to the garage is properly sealed. Talk to your family member and politely ask them to open the garage door if they have to smoke in the winter. Even better if they can smoke outside the garage.
People around you may have weaken immune system (or live with one). Wear a mask if possible, especially if you have cold symptoms.