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How much do real estate agents earn on commercial leases?

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  • Jul 9th, 2015 9:19 pm
Feb 23, 2015
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How much do real estate agents earn on commercial leases?

Any idea if it is like one month lease payment?

What if the lease is for more than one year, then does the property owner pay for ten months?

If there are two agents then the fee will have to be split, does the (selling) agent who brings the client to lease get half of the fee? Maybe the buying agent will get more than half as in regular home sales the split is a minimum of 1% to selling agent and 2.5% to buying agent I think.
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Oct 4, 2013
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As much as I know of, real estate agents takes 1 month rent as commission. This is not fixed from agent to agent, but more or less. This commission will be divided between each side, ie, the rep of the landlord and the rep of tenant. Each side gets half month's rent. However, this half month rent is also divided further, one part for the rep, the other for the rep's company (broker). How much is divided or what ratio between rep and his broker is different from company to company, depends on how they work out other expanses. Hence, the rep does not get all 50% of the rent commission. In the case when the rep works on behalf of both landlord and tenant, the rep takes both parts of commission.


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