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How much do you spend on each item of clothing?

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Jun 14, 2018
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How much do you spend on each item of clothing?

Looking for some opinions on how much I should be looking to spend on clothes as I'm looking to update my wardrobe. I've never been a big spender with clothes, as I generally shop in outlet malls. Admittedly, I do have trouble buying clothes for myself because there usually isn't a lot of selection in these places. I do have more disposable income now, so I am open to spending more money on clothes. This is typically the max I'd spend on each item of clothing.

Jacket: $150
T-Shirt: $25
Sweater/Shirts: $50
Jeans/Pants: $75
Shoes: $100

Is this in line with what a lot of you guys spend on clothes? Do I need to expand my budget a bit?
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Some people spend very little on clothes. For others, it goes up from there... up, up, up. You can get the same or similar look as someone who spent a lot of money on their clothes. It doesn't help to ask what others spend. What u want to do is set out your objectives and then figure out how to attain your goals for the least cost. Someone might have five pairs of ill-fitting jeans when all they really needed were two pairs that worked well with their wardrobe.
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