Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discussion 2020

How much money are you spending from BlackFriday-CyberMonday?

Poll: How much money are you spending from BlackFriday-CyberMonday?

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Aug 14, 2015
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Burnaby, BC

How much money are you spending from BlackFriday-CyberMonday?

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My own purchase:
Office supplies - $30 for myself.
VPN service - $30 / 15 months
KFC bucket maybe Cyber Monday, so that could be another $20.
Headphone - $170 as a gift.
Wanted ipad 8, but deal wasn't good, so will be holding out on this purchase for a couple months.
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Feb 11, 2015
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Toronto, ON
I voted for 0. I used to be pretty crazy for black friday and boxing day. Bought a lot of stuff I would resell. Not anymore. Didn't even bother to check out the stores online when midnight hit or at 3 or 3:30 am when they show stock for it and can still buy. Usually sold out in a short time so you gotta browse quick. I never pre-browsed but have kijiji and eBay open and used to see if it was worthwhile. I noticed it was getting progressively worse, in terms of deals, so I don't bother anymore.
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Jul 24, 2019
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Bought a 2 pack of Ryobi batteries. $119. That's it. Because we need it and waited for the 2 pack special.
We won't buy on Cyber Monday. We will wait until the 3rd week of January, when credit card card bills come due and the store try to get people back in shopping.
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Dec 30, 2006
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I was just curious and looking around without anything specific in mind, ended up getting probably around $300 in a decent amount of basic staples for clothes (jeans, casual button-up shirts). My body dimensions have changed in a good way since Covid so a lot of my old stuff now is on the baggy side...wife was actually telling me I should probably get some new clothes that fit me better so here we are I guess. Also got some protein powder online and potentially the Duo Crisp Instant Pot 8 Quart (don't know yet if I wanna keep's humongous and we have a 6 Quart Nova that works wonderfully from last Black Friday; could make larger portions for more leftovers and also working as an airfryer). Kinda surprised I spent as much as I did...
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Dec 6, 2006
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Does it include all the "pre Black Friday" sales which stores were already saying same as Black Friday?

Spent a lot the last 2 weeks, more than all previous Black Friday, ever, combined. Went somewhat overboard I guess..
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Sep 27, 2009
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Oakville, ON
My PC was 12 years old and barely functioning so I would have bought a new one regardless of deals but I saved $110 on it so that's nice. Along with the new computer I needed a new audio Interface and paid full price for that. Other than that some Christmas gifts on sale at Indigo and some new winter boots on sale.
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Aug 14, 2015
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Burnaby, BC
Yeah, I'm going to guess those in the $1000-$3000 range is getting new desktop/laptop/tablet/phone.

I'm also going to guess those in the $0 category sees the flyer and stayed home due to COVID instead of doing any windows shopping like how some of them may have done last year.
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Nov 22, 2013
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I know I have spent $90+ from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Got a couple of $9.95 games ordered today from Amazon (Borderlands GOTY Edition and Borderlands 3 .. Believe both were for PS4) , PC Replay Baseball (baseball sim on a US store) for $57 CAN, and a season, 1934 MLB, for Action! PC Baseball from Dave Koch Sports for $11 or so. Got some other things from the early started sales though.
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Feb 20, 2009
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I spent just over 5 grand, upgraded my centre, sub, and front tower speakers got 60 TB of HD's via the seagate 10TB deal, the 55 Samsung Q70T for $799, 5 games off PSN BF store, 3 nest hubs and 1 google nest wifi 5.

Overall I spent more than I have in any BF ever, I still want to buy a receiver and I'm hoping for a good deal for one on Boxing day as I haven't loved what's been available so far. I wouldn't normally have splurged so much as we're hoping to buy our dream home in 2-3 years so saving hard but it's important to sit back and enjoy the money I've worked hard for and as bad as 2020 has been financially it's been a pretty damn good year, the last 2 years investment performance if you've held tight and hopefully bought on some of the dips have been very good for me so I sleep easier knowing I made far more in gains than I spent.
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Apr 5, 2017
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Edmonton, AB
I spent close to 4G's. I wait for specific times of year where things are indeed the cheapest I will see them. I keep an eye on prices year-round for key things I'm interested in, and can confirm this is the cheapest a lot of this stuff will get, especially due to inflation, introduction of higher sales tax in Alberta, perhaps even country wide - although I don't see how they could do that to provinces with already high sales tax. I put a lot of time and effort in to getting the best deals. I also haggled (politely) with some of the cashiers and they knocked off $10 here, $10 there. Probably saved ~$100 just by chatting up/smooth talking.

Got the best remote starter with available phone/app capability, two remotes & install that Visions had for BF special. ($600)

Tools/supplies for home/auto projects. Grabbed $250 500pcs of Stanley socket kit & $500 6pc Milwaukee power tool package. Some other odds and ends. $30 heat gun, $80 48pc high grade Maximum impact socket set, etc.

$600 of impulse crap. Much of it good for gifts. Sodastreams, Airfryers, etc.

Bought 3 decent vacuums (according to reviews) for under $250: $80 Ryobi hand vac for the car - it came with a battery which is most of the value right there. The $98 Hoover Impulse just to get my feet wet with the cordless craze, and a $30 corded 2 in 1 stick vac just to have kicking around because it's so cheap and compact.
The Bissell Proheat Pet compact steam cleaner for $80 which works miracles on vehicle cloth interior, furniture, etc. I've seen this for $70-75 but with inflation etc. I doubt it will be that cheap again.

Biggest steal of a deal for me was a 10" Ryobi sliding miter saw for $75. Regular $260, BF deal $170-200. It was marked down to $75 to clear way for all their smaller $138 black friday miter saw units. With the savings of that, I bought a Ryobi tire inflator I purchased that uses the One+ batteries and can inflate 10 tires with one charge, and that was $50. So the miter saw was a steal...felt like I was stealing it while wheeling it out of the store.

Another one I'm excited about is the SunJoe pressure washer SPX3000 - found it for $148 at Home Depot. Nothing really else caught my eye with pressure washers. Maybe the $168 Simoniz unit at C-Tire, but its 1700psi and not as much GPM.
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Aug 25, 2015
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Montreal, QC
Said I wouldn't be buying anything. I think I just got close to $200 albeit half of it was spent on cookbooks