How o I pick courses relate to Life Sciences (still a beginner)?

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Apr 18, 2015
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How o I pick courses relate to Life Sciences (still a beginner)?

I looked all over the place on my university site but I can't find courses udner the name Life Sciences. My major is Psychology though, so do I look for courses under the Psychology title?

Also, graduates from highschool can only choose one program, but I heard that you can choose another one while at univeristy. Is that true?

(Lol, I forgot the d's in my title. My bad since I have to use copy and paste for now because its broken, I sometimes forget and can't edit the title either.)
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1.) You can edit the title under "advanced" when you edit

2.) Life science for 1st year students is basically your university's equivalent of BIO101. Anything other than that will be a fluff course for non-science students. At this point, where you seem unsure of your major, you should probably just take the BIO101 course. It's really not all that difficult. From there, you can go into genetics, cell bio, evolution, ecology, biochem, etc.

3.) You can apply for a change in your area of study (major) between years.
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From my younger days:

You pick what you want to focus on in highschool, but you don't actually decide on your majors until the end of first year.
Majors, minors and specs will have unique credit requirements.
A psych major will require predominantly psych credits - but it's not uncommon to find biology requirements as well.

The hardest part is planning out the rest of your undergraduate after deciding on your majors i.e. what courses do I need to take in 2nd, so I can take these in 3rd, so that I can take these in 4th?
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