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How to password protect a USB

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How to password protect a USB

My goal is to have a working USB with password / encryption / protection on it for security. I can think of three ways to do this, but I need help / advice:

1) I have one that is already password protected. It is encrypted with "ENDPOINT SECURITY MEDIA ENCRYPTION." My problem with it is that I can move / copy files to that drive, but if I open a file on the drive, it will not save changes. If I create a new file, I can't save to it. I have to save on a different drive and then move. If anyone is familiar with this encryption software, I'd appreciate some help.

2) I have a Kingston USB drive. I'm not sure how to add encryption to it.

3) Buy new. I'd like to keep cost down if I can.
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I assume you use Windows. Look into Veracrypt as one option


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