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Jan 14, 2014
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How to post ?


I am Emily. New comer.

Could anyone tell me how to post a deal that I saw in other website?
I had posted 2 deals, but do not know right or not? They are about shoes and jewelry.

The WTT means what to trade.
The FS means for sale.
The WTB means what to buy.

What Category should I choose? WTT or FS?

Also, am I right to post it in the BST-Apparel?

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May 8, 2009
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If it's a personal belonging that you're looking to sell then yes use the "BST" (Buy, Sell, Trade) section. If it's a deal at a specific store that you want to share with others then you can post it in the "Hot Deals" sections.

WTT - Want to Trade
FS - For Sale
WTB - Want to Buy

For example i have a pair of shoes i want to sell, i would use the BST Apparel section. But if Footlocker was having a good deal for shoes that i would think other users would like to know about then i'd post that in the Hot Deals section.
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Jun 17, 2013
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Welcome! If you're selling something yourself use the Buy Sell Trade section otherwise it can go into Hot Deals. Remember we don't allow referral links or self promotion. I would recommend giving the site rules a read over if you haven't already.
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Jan 14, 2014
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Hi, thank you so much. I had read the site rule.
But still have something could not understand.
Could I ask some questions?
What does the referral links means?
Does it mean that we could not post a link that has nothing to the item that we post?

Sorry, I have so many question. :cry:
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Dec 7, 2011
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Emilymiley wrote: ...What does the referral links means?...
It means that you are not allowed to post a link associated to you. (or someone else)

If you have a deal to post, it has to be a direct link to it, and not in any way that you/someone will benefit by clicking on your posted link. (credits, points, money, etc)


ShopMoneyForFree.com lets you earn money for shopping on their site, but I'm already a member, so they emailed me saying tell all my friends, and they will give me $10 for every friend I send them.

I am allowed to tell everyone on RFD about this site, but I am not allowed to post a "referral link" to get the $10 for everyone who signs up through my post.

I would have to post the link as this: "www.ShopMoneyForFree.com"

I cannot post the link as this: "www.ShopMoneyForFree.com/referrer?referrerid=idstorms" <-- or any other variation!