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Oct 20, 2012
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How to sign up for Amex OptBlue

The credit union I bank with referred me to a company called Everlink to sign up for payment processing. Their rates they quoted for Chase Paymentech were fine, so I went ahead and signed up. Been taking payment for a few months now, with no issues that weren't resolved by Chase promptly.

We've been looking in to accepting Amex. Multiple Chase reps say that since we signed up through Everlink we have to go through them to sign up for Opt Blue. Everlink is insistent, even after multiple escalations, that they cannot sign us up for Opt Blue, and that we need to go through Chase, or to try calling Amex. Amex claims we can sign up with them at the high rate, and then once we give our merchant ID to Chase we will switch to the lower OptBlue rate. Since the Amex rep was pretty pushy about getting us to sign up right then and there on phone, and Chase didn't say anything like that, I don't believe it at all.

Anyone have any insight on what the sign up process for Opt Blue is actually like?
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Feb 18, 2014
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Everlink does not have the capacity to sign you up with Opt Blue. Chase can’t do it, because you are going through their reseller (Everlink). You can sign up directly through AMEX, or cancel with Everlink and go directly through Chase, TD, Moneris, Global or Elavon.


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