HR Analytics or HR Systems Analyst or Career Change suggestions

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Oct 3, 2012
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HR Analytics or HR Systems Analyst or Career Change suggestions

Hi I need career change advice. I am currently a Decision Support Advisor in a hospital. I have been in Decision Support for five years and have worked in many top hospitals. Right now my manager is putting me into a three month improvement plan. I guess if I don't improve I would get let go. I have Master in Health Administrations and Bachelor of Computer Science. The reason I am let go because I don't build enough relationships with my directors. I support two departments while other colleagues support only one and one of the department I support is Mental Health which is a mess. I have made a lot of improvements to the department in terms of data but these things don't get to director level.

I have 21 years before I retire since I have work pension. I am looking for something that would be stable next 20 years and I am thinking of going into HR because every company needs HR.
With my analytical skills and IT background I am thinking of HR analytics or something to do with HR systems. I am not a techie and plus as a female who is starting a family next year or so I need something that has 9 to 5 working time. My alternative is Case Costing but those people who gets those jobs don't leave which is why in Ontario there is only one opening which I had interviewed. That is for project manager which is to help them set up the Case Costing department. I am waiting for second round with VP from HR this week.

I also have phone interview for BI specialist tomorrow but in my spare time I don't try new BI tools and compared to the males at work my knowledge with database management systems is lacking. Plus there is risk that BI software I use at work (SSRS,Microsoft Power BI) would change 10 years later.

My questions with my programming skills would there be a lot of jobs in the HR department. I saw one and just applied. I am interested in analyzing HR data so HR analytics.