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Huge Differences in Porcelain Tile Prices - What's the Reason?

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Apr 30, 2019
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Huge Differences in Porcelain Tile Prices - What's the Reason?

I'm looking for tiles for my powder room and focusing on the traditional marble look.

However, I'm seeing huge differences in pricing.

At Home Depot, a 12x24 inch Carrara tile is $1.99/sq ft while a very similar looking tile also in a 12x24 size is over $10 sq/ft at Centura Tile.

What is the reason for the pricing discrepancy? Is it all in the name or are the Home Depot tiles somehow inferior?

Pics below.

  • Centure Tile.JPG
  • Home Depot.JPG
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Dec 21, 2020
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Is there a difference? Probably. In a powder room will you notice? Not likely. The Home Depot stuff is made in China while the other stuff is most likely from Europe. The extra cost is probably from the labour costs between the two. I mean this stuff is basically the same basic materials humans have been dealing with for thousands of years. As long as the specs of the tile are the same and the look works for you then you can either really.

And for the record I used the cheaper Home Depot stuff for my laundry/powder room and it's been perfectly fine for the purpose.
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Oct 19, 2008
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Put the home depot tiles face to face, are they dead flat? Exact same size?....that matters a lot if using a thin grout line. Cheaper tiles can be fine or can be a nightmare to install. Rectified tiles are (suposed to be) the exact same dimensions.

That said I installed cheap large porcelain tiles from Zion Building supply (Kennedy Rd) and they were flat and perfectly sized. Made in China, had great marble look to them.
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May 9, 2006
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OP is right, I was actually shopping yesterday and saw the same differences. Now they have tiles from India as well, its relatively cheaper then china and Europe made. It very hard to decide, from the looks they all look same.
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Feb 26, 2019
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The other difference will be “the look”.

Cheaper tiles are going to look less like the marble than more expensive tiles (quality of veining, variety of veining, variation between tiles, etc.). Same goes for quartz countertops that are imitation marble. The more convincing the imitation, the higher the price. That’s a generalization, but it is a factor.

Now: will you notice the difference between to two (or care)? Is the difference (if noticeable) worth the premium? Only you can answer that.
Sep 19, 2014
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Also, the tiles is usually a small fraction of the total cost.

Most tiles guys will probably charge close to $1000 to remove existing tiles, toilets, and vanity, install new tiles and put everything back. (2-3 days work + supplies)
Your powder is maybe 25sqft? A $2 tile is $50 materials, a $10 tile is $250 materials

so your total cost with the cheap tile is $1050, vs $1250 for the nicer looking tile.


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