Humber College - Child and Youth Worker (accelerated): certifications?

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Mar 9, 2011
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Humber College - Child and Youth Worker (accelerated): certifications?


I'm going to Humber College this September for an accelerated child and youth worker program. Just wondering if anybody in this forum have some information that I want...Child and Youth Worker Program page

The program ask that I show them a "Valid HeartSaver Automated External Defibrillator (AED) (C), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) (C) and Standard First Aid certificates."

Would I satisfy this if I complete the Standard First Aid with AED and CPR (Level C) at TorontoCPR? I ask because I looked at the RedCross website and they don't seem to give a level to "AED"...but Humber's website indicated that it ought to be AED (C).

They also ask for a "Medical Certificate of Health including immunization against Hepatitis B." I am going to assume that I have my Hep B shot (will confirm with my family doctor tomorrow), but I'm unsure what a Medical Certificate of Health is.

Besides that, I was wondering if anybody's gone through this program before. I am wondering how busy I will be once September comes around, and whether I'd be able to work a job while attending this program.

Thanks in advance!

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