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Jul 1, 2009
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tvisforme wrote: Thanks for the thoughtful response. I'm also fine with new features being reserved for subsequent editions, it is the lag fix that strikes me as a no-brainer for "thanking" (if you will) your existing customer base. I'd suggest that it would work in their favour as it doesn't take away the "new feature" attraction of the latest version while assuring their users that they'll have software that is functional, not frustrating. "This is a new feature, so we think it's fair to ask you to pay for it" is (IMHO) reasonable, "this fixes that thing that doesn't work properly in the one you already paid for, but tough luck you need to pay more for the fix" is not.
Again, I personally believe what you are saying is unreasonable but hey who am I to judge: believe what you will. Hate Corel, love them or be indifferent in how they've "treated" you. I just personally don't believe they've wronged you in any way as they're just charging for feature improvements and, indeed, some of those features are speeding up the program among many other updates. You must feel wronged a lot when it comes to software as this is the normal behaviour of about every company I can think of. For instance: Adobe has been adding GPU accelerated features to Photoshop's transforms and brushes for years now with new additions that you have to pay for (or subscribe to) and they don't ever backport these speed improvements as "thank you" to perpetual licensed customers. Microsoft has been charging extra fees for some codecs that don't come with Windows for decades without giving them away as "thank you" to previous licensees. I could go on and on. In the end I clearly hear what you're saying and I'd definitely recommend you not upgrade and just move on from Corel software since you feel hurt by them.

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Mar 8, 2006
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Added more content. Which you get if you already paid btw.

Brush Pack - Chaos
Brush Pack - Blend
Brush Pack - Lightning Strikes
Brush Pack - Dust & Debris
Brush Pack - Flame
Brush Pack - Hair
Brush Pack - Clouds
Brush Pack - Fluid
Brush Pack - Chunky Paint
Brush Pack - Sand & Soil
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Aug 17, 2006
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