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so in september in able to get a hardware upgrade
im with rogers btw
the only phones that interest me are all smartphones
from the lg xenon to the sony ericsson xperia
would i need data for these?

i talkd to a rogers rep and she sounded confused...she said i dont need it but it would make the price of the upgrade cheaper?

and if i need data, how much would i need?
for a blackberry i would use the bbm, and then just browsing a couple of sites a day not too much because i have a laptop that i can use
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May 22, 2005
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If you add more to your plan, they'll discount the phone more, and usually data plans do this.

For example:

HUP to a Blackberry Bold, same plan, back to 3 Year Contract: $299 + admin
HUP to a Blackberry Bold, same plan but with a $25 /month data plan, back to 3 Year Contract: $99 + admin

You might not need data, but it'll drive down the price of the upgrade.

As for data, it depends how much you will use. I have a Bold and a 50mb monthly data pool, I'd be lucky to break 200mb a month, and this is with 2 email accounts on push(about 30~ emails a day), being on MSN Messenger 24/7, and about a good 30 mins to 1 hour of surfing the web per day, sometimes more, sometimes less.