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I Need Some Help With My Rogers Plan

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  • Jun 24th, 2012 3:17 pm
Jun 20, 2012
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I Need Some Help With My Rogers Plan

Now i've had this plan for almost a year now and it's starting to feel like i'm paying too much for what i really get...

im on a 3 year contract and heres my plan:

1GB BlackBerry Msg & MY10* 60.00
Value Pack w/Unltd Messages* 20.00
100 Bonus Business Minutes 0.00
6pm Early Evening Calling 0.00
Nationwide Team Calling 0.00
Tethering Access 0.00
Nationwide Team Texting 0.00
1GB BlackBerry Service 0.00
Gov't Regulatory Recovery Fee 2.13
Call Forwarding/Call Transfer 3.00
Savings: Call Forwarding/ Call Transfer -3.00

My Services Include

Your services include:
*1GB BlackBerry Msg & MY10
- 200 Weekday Minutes
- Unlimited Evening & Weekend Minutes
- 1GB Data Plan
- Unlimited Sent & Received Messages Text, Picture & Video - MY10 Canada-wide Talk, Text, Picture & Video Msgs
- 2500 Call Forwarding Minutes - Conference Calling
- Call Waiting
*Value Pack w/Unltd Msgs
- Call Display with Name Display - Enhanced Voicemail
- Voicemail to Text
- Unlimited Sent Text, Picture & Video Msgs
- Unlimited Rcvd Text Msgs - Unlimited Sent & Received US/International Text Msgs
- Mobile Backup

My Total Bill $93.06 with taxes

Now am i paying too much for what im getting?

What should i do to get a better plan?

Any Help would be greatly appreciated since paying close too $100 a month is starting to get to me

Thanks in advance
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Dec 25, 2010
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You are paying way too much. I have basically the same plan for $48 + tax.

Are you near the end of your contract or looking to upgrade your phone? If you are, read up on the Rogers Retentions thread in Ongoing Deals: rogers-wireless-retention-plans-933329/
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Jan 4, 2008
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do you need the 1GB? Do you need the International text messaging?

If not you can reduce your base $60 plan to say a $50 one(which will come with less data), and then take out the $20 bundle and replace it with a $8 CID addon

that should reduce your monthly bill to less than $70 tax in
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Jun 20, 2012
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Sorry i took so long guys,

I actually am only 10 months into the contract

also yes i do need the 1GB data (personally i want more because im starting to go over my limit)

And yes i need the International Texting because i my dad lives in the states so its very crucial for my to text him :)