I think I've been cornered into a career change, but where to?

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May 30, 2017
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I think I've been cornered into a career change, but where to?

I worked 2 years in a call centre as an insurance sales agent, personal lines (home & auto), at a company that I was perfectly happy with. I enjoyed the team I worked with, the environment, and have seemed to dodge the drama that glassdoor mentioned. But that company wasn't too happy with how well I did. I believe it has to do with my poor health, which I've neglected while prioritizing fruitless efforts to stay afloat in HR's eyes. I already took a couple months off when I was at my heaviest weight, and my health at the worst. Taking a bathroom break, and coming back looking as pale as a ghost, my supervisor noticed this and had suggested that I should take some time off. When I came back, everything was sunshine again - I did well, but went back to my old ways. The idea of maintaining a balance of work-life balance didn't come to mind. With HR's initially-abundant patience depleted, I was let go just over a year ago. Now I realize the importance of work-life balance, but it's a little late now that I'm jobless.

For the past year, I've focused on nothing but improving my health. I had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, lingering long enough to put me at risk of cirrhosis, but I reversed that in 2019. I've managed to go from obese to normal weight. My psychiatrist also acknowledged that I no longer am depressed, something that plagued over half the previous decade. I also don't require excessive amounts of sleep and a long nap somewhere in the mix. Most importantly, the method in which I accomplished better health is something I'm confident can be easily sustained in the long term.

The problem I face now is finding work. I already shut myself out of some really good insurance companies by applying for similar positions immediately after job loss, before I could regain composure and improve my health, so that I could be interviewed with genuine conviction that I am a perfectly capable individual. My recent job applications It's now just over a year out of work, and I really think I have to let go of that career in insurance at this time. I just don't have any ideas where to I could put my experience to the most use. Besides insurances sales, my past supervisors have noted I have a tendency to lean towards the service side. Despite this, all I needed was a reminder of my role and I was back to meeting and exceeding sales targets again. They've also commented on my analytical nature, suggesting underwriting would be something I'd be strong at, and if I had been in good shape back then, I'd probably be in there by now.

I think it might be time to set aside the 2 years of industry-specific experience, with 3 courses completed out of 10 towards CIP designation. For someone who's naturally analytical, personally veers towards customer service, and training has added sales to the skill set - where else could I go?
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