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Mar 19, 2015
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Ikea Hinges

I’m have a question about hinges at Ikea and if they’re interchangeable between some items. We have used the Utrusta Soft Close 110• Hinges on all of our Kitchen cabinet doors (sektion system) but the last cabinet (12”) is too close to the dishwasher door to put a handle on it. It’s a long story but we would have to place the handle on that side of the door closest to the corner. Is it possible to use no handle and put a Besta Soft Close/Push Open Hinge (802.612.58) on the Bodbyn cabinet door? That would solve our problem - I don’t even think anyone would even notice that 12” door/cabinet doesn’t have a handle. I’m just not sure if it has that same semi-circle pop in system that the 110• hinges use to lock into the kitchen cabinet doors.
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Dec 31, 2007
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Should be easily doable, I don't see any issues (I have both the besta system in my living room with push open) and sektion cabinets in my kitchen.

The Soft Close sits on the opposite side to the hinges. So for installation either the soft close nicely lines up with the predrilled holes in your cabinet, or you'll just have to custom mount them with 2 screws. The important thing here is to ensure that the soft close sits out far enough for it to be pushed in to activate, but not so far out that it looks unsightly.

The semi-circle pop in hinge system you're talking about (Utrusta) has no bearing on whether you use a handle or push open mechanism to open your cabinet doors.