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Locked: 'I'm not going to hide': Richmond woman describes how she stood tall against alleged racist taunts Social Sharing

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Apr 16, 2001
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stinastr wrote: Stop this sh*t. I said someone, though I'd love to see any woman best a man in insult or fight. Most martial arts are for self-defence anyways.
LOL. Sorry, couldn't resist.
Whenever someone asks a question that starts with "Why do they..." or "Why don't they...", the answer is always a) money, b) stupidity, or c) both.
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Feb 11, 2015
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JAC wrote: LOL. Sorry, couldn't resist.
Thought it was a joke but couldn't be sure. You can't have emotion via the computer, so it might have been a trolling effort lol.
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Aug 14, 2015
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Sgtalpowell wrote: She says she doesn't want anyone to be fooled into believing the stereotype that Asian women are submissive, timid or easy to scare.
But is that really the stereotype?

You're not supposed to go into a verbal battle with Hong Kong woman... no you don't.
It's the equivalent of a level 1 trying challenge the experienced filled level 99 Hong Kong woman boss in a 1 to 1 verbal battle.

Also, with the mask thing. It kind of is the government's duty to address this.
While we Southeast/East Asians seemed to be normalizing it early on, the government's initial attitude toward masks is responsible for causing some of this aggression.
Instead of thanking those who wear masks telling people it's a responsible behaviour, it was stigmatized. Those TV doctors were creating a lot of pressure on us to not wear mask.
Even as the environment changed and the stance toward mask continues to change, these aggressive people are still living in the past not recognizing the new normal.
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Dec 12, 2005
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Mr. Robo wrote: You've noticed that most of the racism taunts and physical violence are on Asian women and they are committed by white males.

In the states is by blacks its seems or latinos from the videos I've seen.In Canada the accused look like they are homeless or have mental issues.
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Dec 28, 2007
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A-hole will be arrested soon. Guaranteed someone will turn him in.
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Jun 19, 2007
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tranquility922 wrote: What utter ignorance. I think the US takes the cake on both accounts, gimme a freaking break and pick up a history book, so take your shot at them before any others. Your posts have a trend of just uttering total nonsense and I just come across them casually in threads and it's the same tired totally wrong BS. Another ethnicist I'll throw into the ignore trashcan.

Sick and tired of the real evil doers pretending they are righteous and pointing out and MAGNIFYING the sins of others. If you take the TOTALITY of human existence, it's damn well clear that the various Western nations have ravaged others, not even close. That doesn't mean present caucasoids, but man up and face the straight facts. Damn myopic hypocrites.
I think you are the ignorant one. How much time have you spent in China or even Asia for that matter? In the collective several years I spent travelling all over the region, I saw multiple signs at places banning entire races from hostels, restaurants, and stores. Generally Muslims and blacks.

This is just something I came across in passing the other week: ... e-n1184616

As far as I know, no McDonald's (or any place in general) in the US has banned black people for the better part of a century. If China keeps going the way they are, they should hit a month next week!

*Even* taking into account the odd shouted slur towards minorities, Canada is one of the least racist places in the world.