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I'm with modem to buy? TC4400 not approved for use in in Oakville

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Jul 21, 2012
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I'm with modem to buy? TC4400 not approved for use in in Oakville

I've been renting my modem for $5/month, and I'm looking to buy a new one, considering I've had this modem for the past few years. I'm on the "Home Cable 40" (40mbps plan)...and will likely be upgrading to 60mbps or 75mbps down the road.

I'm in an area in Oakville, where Cogeco apparently has not authorized the use of TC4400. From the agent: "If we tried to submit with TC4400, the order would come back as rejected from Cogeco, as it is not a certified modem."

List of available modems in my area (from
  • ARRIS TG2472G (TS9.1.103U)
  • Cisco DPC3848VM (dpc3800-v303r2042162-160620a.p7b)
  • Hitron CDA3-20 (
  • Hitron CGNM-3550 (
  • SmartRG SR808ac (
  • Technicolor TC4350 (50041.1.19.0 or 50041.1.15.0)
  • ARRIS TG3452A (AR01.01.123_101718_70.NCS.10) <-- the only one in this list that apparently supports 3.1.
  • Hitron CDA3-35 (

Would anyone here recommend the Arris TG3452A? Is there anything else on this list that I should consider?
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Oct 27, 2007
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Check this: ... dems_with/

I looked at the modems for Carrytel for Oakville. The only option is to rent a Hitron modem. It's $45/mth for 60 down.

Why am I telling you this when you are with Start, you ask? Well, it's because I was very content with Start but when the TPIA ISPs were forced to increase their prices, I went with the cheapest monthly price/speed package available and it happened to be with Carrytel (for my area). I am on the Rogers network, though. It looks like Cogeco has more restrictions for some reason.

AFAIK, Cogeco customers are stuck with Puma 6 chipset modems. Therefore, my advice for you is to buy the most recent Hitron modem but for the cheapest price (on your list). Therefore, it's easier to look up info and discussion about that modem should you need to investigate issues with it. But, hopefully, you won't need to.

Also, consider a switch to Carrytel to save some $ as it is probably cheaper there, too. Since most if not all of the modem choices will provide the same experience and are puma 6, it probably doesn't matter too much which modem you choose. So, you might as well reduce your monthly bill?


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