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'The impact is incredible': Hidden cameras and secret trackers reveal where Amazon returns end up

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  • Oct 18th, 2020 9:16 pm
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Nov 15, 2008
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craftsman wrote: I don't believe those are solely returns as it looks like there are multiples of certain items that are BNIB. It's probably a mix of returns and those items that sat at Amazon for long enough that the vendor couldn't be bothered to sell it for cheap on Amazon or pay for shipping back to them.
Lots of stuff goes back BNIB because Amazon missed a shipping deadline or people have regrets over their spending or you can tell something isn't going to work before you even get it out of the package. There seems to be multiples of window blinds in that mess and it's conceivable someone ordered a bunch to do several windows and found them all unsuitable when they arrived, so they went back together.

The poster has a pair of size 11 purple clogs listed in the spreadsheet at $170 and I assure you, someone bought those at $30 just to try them and shipped them back. I am a great fan of the 70%+ size 11 women's shoes sales that pop up too. (I am not responsible for these retuned purple clogs lol.) Amazon will immediately bump the price of the shoes to something ridiculous after. If they get one sucker to pay $170 it covers everything. A lot of people are impatient, won't wat, and Amazon is instant gratification.
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Sep 28, 2006
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Amazon's impact on the environment seems pretty harsh on its own without the returns. Its a shitty way of shopping but their interface and setup has people hooked for hyperconsumerism. And yes, this return policy just encourages bullshit behavior from consumers as well.

Too lazy to go out and support local businesses? Order a TV or clothes and a bunch of useless shit for pretty much the same price or more while dropping a deuce on your ceramic throne. Just keep on buying. I worked in a country where anything you bought was a final sale, only a select few chains had returns allowed but under very special conditions.

If nature had its way, it would spit back right to us all the plastics and shit we send out to third world countries for "recycling". We don't notice the impact because its so easy for us to toss things in the bin and make it someone else's problem.