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Incorporation setup in BC

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Oct 22, 2016
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Incorporation setup in BC

I am working with my nephew in some of his business dealings. He is a contractor with a welding business as a sole proprietorship, in BC. Due to his high income, and to get away from personal liability, it will be incorporated shortly. And we are looking at BC registration.

To keep the price down, who would you suggest can do this work?
I am well aware that we can go to the nearest lawyer, but a penny saved is a penny earned.

I have dealt with Fiverr before and it can done Federally for $500. But in reading about this, in his circumstances I do not see a benefit to it Federally. He might work in the future in Alberta, but he will not have to advertise to get work, but would do it on contract. So in my mind, even if that is the case, BC registration would cover for his taxes.

Thanks beforehand
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You don't need any outside help in BC. Everything is available at BC Corprate Online It is a well thought out and helpful service. Far easier than AB or ON. I agree he will not need federal incorporation. Provincial is fine and he can still do a contract in Alberta without worry.

You can accept their pre-written articles of incorporation and it is very simple. They have some useful explanatory documents too.

Do some preparatory reading. The time to actually do it is only a few minutes. The fee is $350. Personally I'm a fan of numbered companies (quicker and cheaper) but you can spend a few more dollars and get the name search etc.
Mar 22, 2009
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I worked with a lawyer and the BC incorporation cost came to about ~$600. In my case, it was worth it because I had a friend participating - and the pre-written articles may not have been ideal. We had to submit those articles to the bank to open our corporate bank account. There's also the annual filing and keeping up with accounting / taxes - which probably is more time consuming and requires a professional.

Pre-written articles may be fine in your situation - it's everything after you incorporate that's going to be a bit more involved and costlier.
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Dec 25, 2007
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I incorporated through Ownr in BC. It was pretty pain free. Took about a 6 business days and ended up costing around $300 ($600 - but you get a rebate from Ampli and $300 back from RBC if you open a business bank account)
The name search took a majority of the time.

I did it myself in Alberta and it was a pretty painless experience at the registry. I think it took about 45 mins or so and was probably also around $300.


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