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Indochino Suit arrived today, not thrilled...stay tuned.

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  • Sep 15th, 2010 4:08 pm
Jan 11, 2007
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heyjoe wrote:
imo it is idiotic to order something like a suit online when you can get really good ones at moores for $60 if you look through the racks long enough :/

And this is why businesses like Indochino will always remain hidden gems. People are too risk-averse to try something like Indochino despite all the positive comments by RFD'ers and others. I care less about price than I do about fit, quality, and customer service. Enjoy your $60 Moores off the rack, which by the way, is $60 because it is off the rack and not customized which is the entire point of Indochino.

I wouldn't call you an idiot for doing that - you and others above who've also trolled should have the courtesy to do the same.
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Nov 27, 2004
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+1 on angie - she should get a raise. very polite and friendly and dealt with my customer service issue promptly. my refund for the alterations came as a partial refund to my paypal account.

anyways don't now why ppl rag on buying a suit they've never tried on. has no one heard of a custom tailored suit? last time i recall a tailor takes your measurements and then pieces together a suit for you and alterations still have to be made 99.9% of the time.

so this process just cuts out a middle man and alterations are a little trickier since you may have to ship back to indochino but with an alteration credit the majority of alterations can just be done with your local tailor and you get refunded.

no 2 ppl are identical in shape. that being said no off the rack suit will fit anyone perfectly! if you don't care about it not fitting perfectly then by all means off the rack is a good option. otherwise indochino is a cheaper alternative to local tailors that charge more!


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