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insulated subfloor - insulfloor -anyone use?

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Nov 2, 2011
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insulated subfloor - insulfloor -anyone use?

We are finishing the basement. Long story short subfloor is necessary for us, atleast in the bathroom, because of a high toilet flange. Need to raise the floor and figure we would do it in the entire basement.

We were about to pull the trigger on barricade, which is on sale at lowes at the moment. Then we came across insulfloor boards. Only seems like they are available at home hardware. They are way cheaper (60 cents square foot vs $2 for barricade and dricore)
Anyone have experience with them? The installation instructions seem different but they arnt complicated products, I don’t see how OSB with foam glued on the bottom can greatly differ between brands.

https://www.insulfloor.com/basement-flo ... lation.php
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Apr 14, 2006
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Looks like Insulfloor is the most expensive?
$44.99 for case of 4 (20.5sqft at 5.13sqft/panel) = $2.19/sqft

vs. DriCore R+, $7.99/4sqft = $2.00/sqft
vs. Barricade $8.29/4sqft = $2.07/sqft
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Dec 17, 2007
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Alliston, ON
For the Insulfloor, It looks like you have to glue the panels down with PL and put an additional layer of plywood on top if your using Tile or Hardwood. If you are doing carpet or floating floor, then you have to glue the panels at every seam during install.

I went with Dricore R+ and am very happy with it. Don't forget to check your basement floor for level before putting any subfloor down